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Route of the Rio Sonora





The town of Ures was established in 1644 by Francisco Paris, a Jesuit missionary. The name comes from the Opata language and means "savage or mountain cat".

Ures served as the state capital twice, from 1838 to 1842 and again from 1847-1879. The Plaza Zaragoza  and San Miguel Arcangel Cathedral which dates from the 17th century are worth visiting and exemplify the rich displays of the past.  The community also hosts three restored haciendas which still entertain guests.

The principal economic activity in the area is agriculture including large cattle and horse ranches.  Other activities include manufacturing, tourism and small commercial business.

Local Guides in Ures:

Carmen Julia Lopez, Ph: 623-232-0079
Jose Hugo Haro, Ph: 623-232-0415

Lodging in Ures:

Hacienda El Labrador, Ph: 623-232-0378
Hacienda Quinta Napoles
Hacienda San Rafael, Ph: 623-232-4240

Restaurants in Ures:

La Diligenica
Fonda dona marcela
Fonda dona Lolita
Mariscos La Palapa
Fonda Los Jarritos


Pemex Station: Yes

Health Care:

Emergency: 066
Clinica ISSSTESON, Ph: 623-232-0448
Clinica Semeson, Ph: 623-232-0110

Municipal President (Mayor):  Antonio Frame Coins

Population: 10,000 



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