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Route of the Rio Sonora

Maps & Driving Directions

Driving directions:  There are several routes that will lead through Cochise County and its landmarks and places of interest to reach the border crossings in Naco and Douglas, AZ.  For more information on places to visit in route through Cochise County, visit their website.

From Tucson and points West:

Via Sierra Vista and Ft Huachuca, AZ
From I-10, take Exit 302 (AZ Hwy 90). Take Hwy 90 south past Kartchner Caverns State Park to Sierra Vista (28 miles). Turn left on Hwy 90 bypass to the junction with AZ Hwy 92. Take Hwy 92 south 30 miles to junction with Naco Highway.  Turn right on Naco Highway and follow signs to the Naco border crossing (6 miles).

Note: To visit historic Ft Huachuca, the Ft Huachuca VanDeman Gate and visitors entrance will be on your right at the intersection of Hwy 90 and the Hwy 90 bypass.  Keep right to enter the visitor parking lot to obtain a pass to enter the reservation.  Active duty and retired military, civil servants and other DOD ID holders do not require a visitor pass.

Via Benson, Tombstone & Bisbee
From I-10, take Exit 303 or 304 (AZ Hwy 80).  Take Hwy 80 south and pass through St David (7 miles), Tombstone (24 miles)  and Bisbee (48 miles) to the junction of Hwy 80 and Hwy 92.  To enter Mexico through Naco, go west on Hwy 92 to Naco Highway (5 miles).  To enter Mexico through Douglas-Agua Prieta, continue east on Hwy 80 to Douglas (21 miles).

From New Mexico and points East:
Exit I-10 at Hwy 80 (New Mexico mile marker 5, west of Lordsburg).  Follow Hwy 80 south to Douglas, AZ  (77 miles).

Alternate Route:  Exit I-10 at Arizona Exit 331 (west of Willcox) and follow US 191 south to Douglas, AZ (66 miles).


Maps and Mileage of the Rio Sonora Route

Printable Map

Mileage Tables in Kilometers & Miles

Naco to Cananea: 56 Km/34 Miles
Agua Prieta to Cananea: 84 Km/51 Miles

KM North>South South>North
Cananea 0 321
Bacoachi 63 258
Arizpe 117 204
Banamichi 160 161
Huepac 173 148
Aconchi 182 139
Baviacora 197 124
Ures 247 74
Hermosillo 321 0


Miles North>South South>North
Cananea 0 199
Bacoachi 39 160
Arizpe 73 127
Banamichi 99 100
Huepac 108 92
Aconchi 113 86
Baviacora 122 77
Ures 153 46
Hermosillo 199 0

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