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Route of the Rio Sonora






The town of Huépac was established in 1639 by Jeronimo del la Canal, a Jesuit missionary. The name comes from the Opata language and means "wide valley".


The San Lorenzo Church was built in the 17th century and the ceiling is finished with carved beams and religious images. An original copy of the Mexican Act of Independence from 1810 is protected inside the City Hall.

Annually on August 8th, the Fiesta de San Lorenzo is celebrated with the lighting of the La Marmota, a large paper sphere lighted from the inside by candles which represents the celebration of the triumph of Spanish Christians over the Moors.

The principal economic activity in the area is agriculture including large cattle ranching.  Small manufacturing companies also operate in Huépac.

Local Guides in Huépac:
Guadalupe Garcia Villa, Ph: 623-231-5154 or 231-5272

Lodging in Huépac:

Hotel Misioneros, Ph: 623-231-5145
Casa de Huespedes Takaki, Ph: 662-214-1835

Restaurants in Huépac:

Fonda Dona Lola
Fonda Lupita
Fonda El Rancho

Bank/ATM: No

Pemex Station: No

Health Care: Cruz Roja

Municipal President (Mayor):  Gilberto Paz López

Population: 1200





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