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Route of the Rio Sonora




What is Geotourism?
A concept developed by the National Geographic Society, geotourism is defined as "tourism that sustains or enhances the geographic character of a place - its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents."


"Geotourism seeks for destinations to remain unspoiled for future generations, conserves resources, respects local culture and traditions and strives for quality, not quantity of visitations."

In December, 2005, the states of Arizona in the USA and Sonora, Mexico signed a National Geographic Geotourism Charter to promote sustainable tourism and destination stewardship in the Sonoran Desert Region, which includes the Rio Sonora area.  This project includes the creation of a Geotourism MapGuide and associated web site that is intended to promote sustainable tourism and regional pride in the area.

General information about the project is available at the Arizona Mexico Commission web site.




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