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Route of the Rio Sonora

Douglas, Arizona


Historic Gadsden Hotel-Douglas, AZ

The city of Douglas, AZ was established in 1901 and was founded as the site of a copper smelter. Today, Douglas is an important commercial border crossing point and has numerous landmarks in the National Register of Historic Places.

Among the many attractions in Douglas are the historic Gadsden Hotel, the EP & SW Railroad Depot, the business district, Church Square and Castro park and surrounding residential areas.  These areas are reachable as a walking tour of the city.  Other historic landmarks include the Slaughter Ranch and Douglas Airport, the first international airport in the Americas. The visitors center is next to the depot and is clearly marked. Pan American Drive is the road to the border crossing with Mexico.

Major activities in the Douglas area include manufacturing, import/export, shopping centers and Cochise College. 

Downtown Douglas Historic Douglas RR Depot G Avenue-Douglas


Gadsden Hotel
Motel 6


Several located throughout the community.


Bank One-Downtown

Health Care: Southeast Arizona Medical Center

Mayor: Ray Borane 



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