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Route of the Rio Sonora

Cochise County, Arizona
Gateway to the Rio Sonora

Most visitors from the north will begin this adventure by entering Mexico from Cochise County, Arizona. Located in the southeast corner of Arizona and called the Land of Legends, Cochise County is a wonderful destination in it's own right.

In Cochise county, visitors can:

-discover the wonders of a subterranean world at Kartchner Caverns in Benson.

-witness the dance of hummingbirds in flight at Ramsey Canyon in Sierra Vista and the majestic Sandhill cranes returning to their homes in the Willcox Playa.

-tread the footsteps of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday at Tombstone's OK Corral.

-experience an historic mining town turned eclectic artist colony in mile-high Bisbee.

-explore one of the oldest military outposts in the American West Fort Huachuca now a modern center for intelligence training and communications for the United States Army.

-mount Up at a guest ranch and ride into the rugged Dragoon Mountains where Apache Chief Geronimo held the U.S. Cavalry at bay for months.

-tour an amazing number of historically registered buildings in the friendly border town of Douglas, before visiting neighborly Mexico.

Be sure to visit the Cochise County Tourism website as part of your vacation planning.

Access to the Rio Sonora is made via the border crossings located in Douglas and Naco, Arizona. Douglas and it's Mexican sister city, Agua Prieta are the eastern access point and will most accessible to those with larger vehicles or if towing.  Naco and it's sister city, Naco, Sonora has a smaller port but is usually less congested.


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