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Route of the Rio Sonora





The town of Aconchi was established in 1639 by Bartolome Castanos, a Jesuit missionary. The name comes from the Opata language and means "place on the walls".

The main attraction is the nearby Agua Caliente Water Park, with it's unique natural hot springs which are reported to have curative powers.  The park includes camping areas, swimming pools, picnic areas and grills.

The San Pedro and San Pablo church on the town square, while not as old as some in neighboring communities is unique for the "Black Christ" displayed in the sanctuary.

The principal economic activity in the area is agriculture including large cattle ranching.  Aconchi is also renowned for its fine wood furniture and furnishing production with over 50 small custom carpentry shops located in the community.

Local Guides in Aconchi:

Saul E. Garcia, Ph: 623-233-0888

Lodging in Aconchi:

Posada Lupita, Ph: 623-233-0184
Posada Licha, Ph: 623-233-0202
Hotel Casa Blanca, Ph: 623-233-0303

Campground at Agua Caliente Park

Restaurants in Aconchi:

Cenaduria Aguirre
Taqueria Nacameri
Pizzas La Fortaleza


Pemex Station: Yes

Health Care:

Clinica IMSS
Medico Particular

Municipal President (Mayor):  Noe Herrera Borquez

Population: 2500





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